This 30-second exercise could help you change your marketing for the better

by | Jun 11, 2020

Quick exercise for you…

Grab a pen and paper.

Set a timer for 30 seconds.

Now start the timer, and write down the main problem you solve for your customer.

How did it go?

Did you jot something down straight away? Or, are you still trying to string together words in your head?

If it’s the latter, don’t worry. We can fix this.

The truth is, most business owners fail to clearly state to their customers how their product or service offers a solution to a customer’s problem.

But this is the only reason your customer is interested in your business. So this should be the main substance of your marketing message.

The specifics as to how you solve your customer’s problem should take up the most space on your website. You should mention it regularly through social media. And you should remind your customers about it through your newsletter and any other marketing material.

In some cases, the problem a business solves is very simple. For instance, a grocery store solves the problem of people getting hungry and being without food in their homes.

But the specific problem you solve might be a little more obscure than this.

Maybe you sell framed illustrations, and you solve the problem of people lacking a touch of beauty and whimsy to enrich their lives.

Maybe you offer an organizational service and you solve the problem of people feeling like their lives are in disarray because they live in a mess.

If you need some guidance on how to define the problem you solve for your customers, and how to communicate it through your marketing, get in touch. That’s the problem we’re eager to solve for you.

Marci Cornett

Marci Cornett

I’m a messaging strategist who helps small businesses rise above the blah. Very proud to have written for top industry publications including Copyhackers and DigitalMarketer. And to be one half of the award-winning digital marketing team Frank and Marci. Follow on LinkedIn