Marketing Messaging Simplified

One-to-one workshops where you’ll learn exactly what to say to your dream customers to help them fall in love with your business

Attract more engagement & leads for your business

Commit to building a stronger relationship with your dream customer by applying today.
Via 5 video calls (1 hour duration) • Cost for 1 participant: €997 + VAT

When it comes to marketing, are you tired of constantly guessing what’s going to work and what isn’t?

It’s time to gain the confidence you need to clearly communicate your business’s story in a way that will attract your dream customer.

Marketing Messaging Simplified

The workshops are carried out over a total of 5 video calls, each lasting roughly an hour.


Define your dream customer

Most businesses shout at the masses instead of engaging directly with their dream customers. By defining exactly who you’re talking to, your messaging will resonate with the people most likely to become loyal to your brand.


Develop your brand voice

Without a clear and consistent brand voice, you’ll never distinguish yourself from your competitors. By having specific guidelines for your tone, you will maintain a recognisable voice and enable your entire organisation to represent your brand.


Distil your message

A customer won’t purchase without certainty that your offer can resolve their problem. With a strong message, all of your marketing will help your dream customer gain the certainty they need to buy from your brand.

What happens when you get really clear on what you are offering to your dream customer?

You’ll transform the way your customer engages with you simply by shifting your focus to the way you can solve your customer’s problem.

  • Generate more leads from your website and digital marketing
  • Finally get the tools you need for a cohesive, integrated online presence that you can be proud of
  • No more wasting time guessing about how to craft your marketing message
  • Feel confident about who you are talking to and what problem you are solving for them
  • Get increased engagement on social media
  • You could avoid a costly website redesign by improving your messaging

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Who it’s for

Marketing Messaging Simplified is perfect for you if you’re…

Planning a new website

There’s no point in getting a new website if you haven’t first clarified your message

Not getting leads

Before you engage in a costly website redesign, updating your messaging could have a drastic impact

Frustrated with social media

Know the needs of your audience, and stop posting things that have zero relevance

A Solopreneur

Doing everything yourself? Stop spending huge amounts of time on poor results

A Startup

Get the fundamentals right at the start, before you form bad marketing habits

An Established Business

Not happy with the results from your current marketing? It’s time to re-examine the foundation
We love working with small businesses, but the truth is this workshop helps absolutely any size business from the sole trader just starting out to the multinational corporation. No matter who you are, you can improve your business by learning how to clearly communicate with your dream customer in a way that will attract them to your business.

Is this a good fit for you?

We only work with clients we know we can help. That’s why there’s an application process, so we won’t waste your time or money.

Marketing Messaging Simplified is not right for you if you’re looking for a quick fix, a way to make money fast, or you expect to gain thousands of social media followers overnight.

Marketing Messaging Simplified is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You’re the type of person who believes in creating sustainable, far-reaching improvement one step at a time
  • You’re willing to dig in, and use the framework we’ll develop to actively work toward your business goals
  • You want your marketing to have a clear direction so you’ll be able to consistently create effective content that drives in that direction
Frank and Marci are an amazing team to work with. Their design-thinking approach really helped us to optimize and clearly communicate our customer value proposition.
Tim Roche

Formium Consulting

We’re all often so busy doing the work that we neglect the nuances of how to best communicate that work. Frank and Marci have really helped us with that and it’s been really helpful having an expert outside eye to help us interrogate what is important in terms of messaging and the expertise to help us filter our message through the lens of our dream customer.

Lynn Canham & Niall Cleary

Graffiti Theatre Company

The workshop was exciting and thought provoking. It gave me an entirely different way of thinking about marketing and how to communicate with a customer, and definitely helped to find the right tone and brand voice that my customers will respond to.
Farina Sternke

Marketing Messaging Simplified gave me great clarity and forced me to tackle the theoretical background of my work. I was finally able to answer certain questions for myself, and to make some business decisions. I see it as a framework which will from now on be behind all my business communication, formal and informal. Which gives me a feeling of improved confidence.
Jed Niezgoda

Architectural Photographer

My aim was to really look at my business from a fresh and different angle and this was successfully done, and to a much greater extent than I had even anticipated – it really got me thinking and it challenged how I was approaching my business. It’s not always easy to achieve clarity when working on your business message, but Frank & Marci made this a very simple, straightforward exercise.
Catherine O’Keeffe

Wellness Warrior

I loved the workshops! They were both challenging and fun. I took away a message that captured what was different about our brand vs. competitors, which is tricky in our market. I would recommend it for companies that are always putting off crafting their marketing message, or who aren’t happy with what they have currently. The workshops provide a space and time and to work on the messaging with experts who know what they’re doing.
Parisa Foster

Chief Commercial Officer, StoryToys

Marketing Messaging Simplified

Define your dream customer. Develop your brand voice. Distil your message.
Commit to building a stronger relationship with your dream customer by booking today.

Via 5 video calls (1 hour duration) • Cost for one participant: €997 + VAT

How To Apply

There is a simple application process for the Marketing Messaging Simplified workshops. We only work with clients we know we can help.

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Attract Your Dream Customer

Get the tools you need for a cohesive online presence, and build a stronger relationship with your dream customer.

We’ll work with you to:

  • define your dream customer
  • develop a brand voice that resonates with them
  • distil your message so you can attract your dream customer and know what content to create for them
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  • If you have existing social media accounts, please provide links to them here.

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