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You’ve put in the hard work and heart. Now it’s time to enjoy the pay off. Get the results you’ve earned with strategic marketing that takes your brand from monotonous to marvelous.

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The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

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The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

Your new marketing playbook, with actionable insights spanning from the fundamentals all the way to the future. Featuring a chapter on marketing research written by Frank and Marci (that’s us).

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That red arrow in the sales chart? That’s where our evergreen content campaign came into play for our client. Why spend sleepless nights worrying about your business? When you could be nurturing leads even while you sleep…

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If you like working with people who are highly analytical and results-oriented, we’ll get along great

We’re the award-winning digital marketing team, Frank and Marci.

We wanted to come clean about our strategic approach because some people prefer messy guesswork and incoherent chaos. That’s not us. Everything we do is aimed to help solopreneurs and small businesses grow online and rise above the blah.

And to put your suspicions to rest, it’s not just great professional chemistry you’re sensing… we are in fact married to each other.

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“Gave me an entirely different way of thinking about marketing”

We knew we had to get our messaging right. Sometimes being so close to a subject makes it very hard to see clearly the key value for the customer. Working with Frank and Marci guided us through this process and helped us to identify our ideal customer and craft our messaging to communicate with these customers in a clear succinct manner.

Aoife O Mahony


Working with Frank and Marci was exciting and thought provoking. It gave me an entirely different way of thinking about marketing and how to communicate with a customer, and definitely helped to find the right tone and brand voice that my customers will respond to.

Farina Sternke


For anyone who may feel directionless at the moment regarding their brand voice and know that they are not fully connecting with their customers through their content, Frank & Marci will be your beacon of light.

Al Dalton

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2024: How to thrive when AI is coming for your job.

2024: How to thrive when AI is coming for your job.

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