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Rise above the blah with an unforgettable personal brand

Online strategy designed specifically to grow your service-based solopreneur business.

Feel confident to show up as you

Grow a bighearted community

Get the engagement you deserve

Feel like you’re struggling to define your unique voice and carve out your space in the big, busy online world?

It’s a major confidence blow each time you pour your heart into creating content, and it just goes ignored.

We fix this by helping you position yourself as a powerful personal brand.

You’ll lose the imposter syndrome and grow your authority as you shape the magnetic reputation you, and your work, deserve.

Frank and Marci
We’re Frank and Marci: a digital strategist and messaging strategist. 

Together we’re the perfect combination to help you grow online and develop a personal brand you (and your clients) love.


Define your personal brand so it stands out


Put together a purposeful content strategy


Grow your community with compassion

Frank and Marci

How to grow engagement on social media with purpose and authenticity

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We’re all often so busy doing the work that we neglect the nuances of how to best communicate that work. Frank and Marci have really helped us with that and it’s been really helpful having an expert outside eye to help us interrogate what is important in terms of messaging and the expertise to help us filter our message through the lens of our dream customer.

Lynn Canham & Niall Cleary
Graffiti Theatre Company

Frank and Marci gave me great clarity and forced me to tackle the theoretical background of my work. I was finally able to answer certain questions for myself, and to make some business decisions. I see it as a framework which will from now on be behind all my business communication, formal and informal. Which gives me a feeling of improved confidence.

Jed Niezgoda
Architectural Photographer

We knew we had to get our messaging right. Sometimes being so close to a subject makes it very hard to see clearly the key value for the customer. Working with Frank and Marci guided us through this process and helped us to identify our ideal customer and craft our messaging to communicate with these customers in a clear succinct manner.

Aoife O Mahony

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