Why marketing shouldn’t make you feel creepy (when you do it like this)

by | May 27, 2020

Has there been a drone buzzing around your house lately?

There has been here, a few times. It’s odd, not knowing who’s operating it, or why.

Are they making a promo video? Are they peeping into homes out of curiosity? Are they just passing the time? Who are they?

It’s not comfortable to give your personal information to a faceless entity, especially when they haven’t asked permission.

It’s why so many people are uneasy, or even sceptical, about marketing.

Bad marketing feels like there’s a drone prying into your personal business for its own gain. It doesn’t give back; it just takes what it needs from you and uses it to its own advantage.

A lot of people, maybe you’re one of them, don’t like to engage in marketing because it makes them feel like a drone.

You don’t have to become a drone to market your business. In fact, we urge you not to.

You and your customers deserve good marketing.

Good marketing is a two-way relationship. It gives and it receives. It cares about the customer and looks out for them. Both sides come out better for the interaction.

Nothing creepy about that.