5 free resources that’ve made me a better copywriter

by | Jun 24, 2022

You can easily spend a fortune on copywriting training. 

I have.

But I’ve also learned a lot from resources that haven’t cost me anything – other than my time and attention. 

Here’s what they are…

1. Copyhackers Tutorial Tuesdays

It’s pretty amazing what you’ll learn from Joanna Wiebe and co. in these free weekly sessions.

Each one goes deep on a single advanced conversion copywriting skill. I’ve found myself leaving a 13-minute session having taken enough notes to look like I’d been in an hours-long training. 

2. Laura Belgray’s emails

Join her list for fun. No one combines humorous stories, personality and copywriting quite like Laura Belgray.

I was obsessed with her for a while. Frank had to listen to me say her name paired with some piece of advice at least 20 times a day. 

I’ve since moved on to what I think of as “heftier copywriting”. Driven more by research than personality. But I’ve still got my Laura Belgray swipe file for when I need subject line inspiration.

3. Ann Handley’s emails

You could say Ann’s emails are more about being a writer in the digital world than they are about copywriting. But a lot of those lessons translate well to copywriting.

I love how each email opens with a charmingly quirky story that has practical value. And I love Augie. Her little dog who makes regular appearances.

4. Alex Cattoni’s YouTube Videos 

Alex’s videos make copywriting techniques seem so digestible and easy to implement.

Hers was one of the first long-form sales page templates I followed. It taught me how to “read” any sales page and assess the different sections. 

To be honest, I haven’t kept up with her trainings. But a couple of years ago, there were a few days when it was ALL Alex Cattoni ALL the time for me.

5. Dave Harland’s LinkedIn posts

I definitely have a soft spot for funny copywriters.

More than once I’ve caught myself thinking “if only I were brave enough to take things as far as Dave Harland.”

How about you?

Where do you go to for (free) copywriting learning and inspiration?

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Marci Cornett

Marci Cornett

I’m a messaging strategist who helps small businesses rise above the blah. Very proud to have written for top industry publications including Copyhackers and DigitalMarketer. And to be one half of the award-winning digital marketing team Frank and Marci. Follow on LinkedIn