How to hook em’ straightaway: 3 useful tips for writing first sentences

by | May 8, 2020

Can you grab your dream customer’s attention with the first sentence?

It’s a handy thing to know how to do when you’re writing a social media update, blog post, newsletter…anything, really.

There are a few ways to do it…

  1. You could start with a short, simple question (see above).
  2. You could open with a minuscule sentence such as:
    ‘Just think.’
    ‘I was wrong.’
    ‘Trust me.’
  3. You could get your reader to agree with you on a point that relates to them:
    ‘Writing blog posts is hard work.’
    ‘Running a business takes guts.’
    ‘Weekends never come fast enough.’

So to write your first sentence, choose one of these options, keep it short, and you’ll end up with a sentence that serves its purpose.

What is its purpose?

To get your customer to read the second sentence.