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Let’s get you consistently creating content that motivates your Dream Customers to like, share, and comment.

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You post. Nothing happens. Is your Facebook Page broken?

It can certainly feel that way.

So now you post occasionally in the vague hope that it’s making some kind of difference… but really you’re just ticking the box of having a Facebook Page.

And when you DO post, it feels like you’re posting into the void.
You’ve heard how important Facebook is for growing your business, but it just doesn’t seem to be doing ANYTHING for you.

We want to help.

You’ll love this training if you want to learn

  • How to create content on Facebook your Dream Customers will love and look out for
  • The key to ensuring your Facebook Page actually supports your business goals…and isn’t just wasting your time
  • Simple ways to prep so you’ll never again wonder what the hell you should post about
  • How to create posts that inspire engagement (even if you think you’re not a great writer or you have nothing new to say)
  • The habits (most people don’t know or do) that will help you take your Page from meh to magnificent

Take a look at these results!

This stuff works!

These screenshots come from people who went through our February training. Obviously your results will depend on how much effort you put in—each of these people fully embraced the work—but their results prove how these changes to your approach can make an almost immediate difference. And over time? It only gets better.

😍 203% increase in engagement

203% increase in engagement

😘 198% increase in engagement

198% increase in engagement

🤩 684% increase in engagement

684% increase in engagement

👌🏼 ongoing improvement, with engagement doubling

203% increase in engagement

😁 165% increase in engagement

198% increase in engagement

How this training works

We get it – you’re busy – you don’t have a spare 28 days lying around to attend a daily training. But we bet you do have 10 minutes here and 30 minutes there to squeeze in some focussed learning that will help you make great strides in a short amount of time. That’s why this training takes place primarily by email, so you’re in control. You can carve out time to improve your Facebook Page as suits your own schedule (this worked really well when we ran the training back in February). But you won’t be alone in your inbox the whole time. There’s also a Facebook Group where you can interact with the other people in the training and get (very friendly) feedback from us, so you know for sure you’re making progress.

What you get

  • Daily emails (excluding weekends; we’re not monsters) with training PLUS the action you need to take to see results
  • Weekly checklists so you can keep track of what you’ve done/what you need to do
  • Access to a pop-up Facebook Group for encouragement, questions, feedback, and accountability
  • Weekly Facebook Live where we answer any of your questions (and yes, Q’s about Frank’s moustache are completely welcome) and do ‘mini-masterclasses’ on some of the most vital learning points

We loved working with all of these people

And we can’t tell you how emotional it is to hear all the lovely things they say about the training, and ourselves. We think you’ll like hearing how they got on as well…

Who’s giving the training?

We are. We’re Frank and Marci, a married couple based in Cork City who years ago got frustrated with “living to work” and decided there had to be a better way. So we joined forces and built a career we love helping small businesses flourish and grow online. We help you attract your Dream Customers and build a brand that matters. In this training, we’ll show you how to transform the way you create content so your Facebook Page is ready to work for your business. Oh yeah – that’s Izzy in the picture. She stays with Marci’s parents in Kentucky. Wish she could join us as well but she lives too far away 🙁

Who’s this training for?

You’ll get a lot out of this training if…

  • You’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or solopreneur
  • You already have a Facebook Page set up (doesn’t matter how new it is)
    You run a business you love, but you haven’t found as many Dream Customers as you’d hoped for
  • You’re the roll up your sleeves, “Let’s do this!” type
  • You’re in it for the long game – you want to learn about sustainable habits that will transform your Page by building upon themselves over time (aka you don’t expect to go viral overnight)
  • You feel frustrated every time you sit down to do a Facebook post because the ideas are not there (turns out they’re not in the fridge or the crisps drawer either…was worth a look though)
  • You feel frustrated every time you hit publish because no one’s paying any attention to that damn post that took you AAAAGES to write
  • You’re ready to become an amazing content creator for your brand…in fact, you were ready yesterday

Who’s this training not for?

This training will be a waste of your time if…

  • You already have a bustling Facebook Page with a thriving, engaged audience (Well done!)
  • You never run out of content ideas or ways to share your message with your followers
  • You don’t have the mental space or creative energy to try out new approaches right now
  • You have no interest in steady, sustainable improvements that lead to amazing results…but can take time
  • You have no heart. Because you’re a robot.

Did people like the training?

See for yourself. All this lovely feedback came from people who joined us last time around.

I would 100% recommend this training because Frank and Marci will make you feel like you can actually do it and you will use the tools in your journey to build your audience. They speak in a language that makes you feel bigger for engaging with the training and not smaller because you didn’t know what you were doing prior to them sharing their knowledge. They’ll also use cultural references that will make you smile and at the end of the day, these kinds of touches matter!
Lynn Canham

Graffiti Theatre Company

Frank and Marci’s expertise in marketing and copywriting is invaluable and they offer great support for everyone. There was great humour to be had also. Its a safe group with supportive encouraging people. Everyone in the group wants the same thing,to market their business,provide friendly feedback,offer support and make connections. Frank and Marci’s expertise in marketing and copywriting is invaluable and they offer great support for everyone. There was great humour to be had also. I really enjoyed the training and I would like to thank Frank and Marci for helping me kickstart my facebook page.
Linda McGann

Linda McGann Music

Loved the training, loved the emails, very engaging with a new topic each time. Loved the direct feedback on how to restructure and edit posts. I would absolutely recommend this training! Great engagement, very useful exercises, fantastic to get direct feedback and advice. And, lovely people, no ott sales patter or long winded scripted emails, just genuine, direct and very helpful advice.
Anne Maire Callaghan

TouchPoint Healing

The process was really enjoyable and inspiring! The training was very accessible and easy to manage within my busy time schedule. Really helpful to receive so much personal feedback and encouragement as well as the support from the other participants. I would definitely recommend this training! It is fun, accessible and engaging, brilliantly delivered and most of all it really shows results.
Helga Deasy


Thank you Frank and Marci for all the very valuable information which was delivered during the programme and for sharing the ‘How ‘ as well as the ‘What’ . You made it crystal clear what steps needed to be taken and how to go about implementing them in the most effective and productive manner. I am confident that the learning I am taking away from the programme will serve me well in successfully engaging with my ideal clients, delivering high value and growing my business. It was a pleasure to partake in the training as your approach created a friendly, enjoyable, easy learning environment. You certainly over delivered on your promise in terms of content and service delivery. Thank you both.
Mc Evilly Maura

I was expecting some tips and pointers but not as much as you offered. I also really liked the group effort, it was really valuable to see everyone’s progressions and learn from others and your interactions with them also. You learn a lot but in a really fun way and the feedback is really supportive, considered and clear. Thank you both very much, it was great.
Cáit Máire Ní Dhuinnín

Can you grow your business with a Facebook Page?

You probably launched your Facebook Page with a dynamic sense of optimism, but several flopped posts later… it’s started to feel like a bit of a damp squib.
What will you do? Shake your fist at the sky, use Zuckerburg’s name in vain, and swear off Facebook FOREVER?


Will you try a new approach? One that’s based on making a real connection with Dream Customers, and attracting more people like them to your Page.

Ok, great. This could work.

Because we’ve put our heads together and come up with all the MOST IMPORTANT factors that go into a successful Facebook Page.

These are the exact things we do to improve reach and engagement on our client’s pages and, over time, attract more of their Dream Customers.

But we’ll tell you now: there’s no magic 5 words to post that will result in massive sales or instant Facebook fame.

Rather, these are habits and approaches that result in excellent Facebook Pages that turn followers into Dream Customers.

They’re simple, but there’s work involved..

So look, if you were hoping to download a PDF, quickly skim it, and suddenly have loads of new customers, I’m sorry but just close this browser tab now.


If you’re ready to turn your Facebook Page into a space your Dream Customers love, because everything on it is infused with clear value, you’re the perfect fit for this training.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now


How am I going to find the time to do this training?

It’s tricky isn’t it? As a business owner you juggle a LOT, and another training might just tip you over the edge and make your head explode.

To prevent that from happening, we asked our audience (filled with people who lead busy lives) how they wanted the training delivered, and based its structure on their feedback.

We’ve made this as easy as possible to follow in your own time, according to your own schedule.

On top of that, this training will prevent you from wasting time on your Facebook Page.

There’s no getting around the fact that maintaining an effective Facebook Page requires time, so the trick is to make sure that you invest that time wisely.


Is this all stuff I know already?

This is something I always worry about when I’m signing up for training. But I would say that if you are struggling with your Facebook Page, then no, you probably don’t know all this already.

You might know about SOME of it, but do you implement it? Because we are going to help you put it into practice and form the habits that you need to do so on an ongoing basis.


Is it going to add to my workload?

Honestly? Yes, most likely. But you already know that managing an effective Facebook Page takes work.

However this training WILL give you tips that make doing effective work simpler and easier.

You will end up with a strategy that keeps you on track, and keeps the work involved manageable.


I hate marketing

Ok. First of all, that’s not a question. Second of all, it’s probably not true. I’d be willing to bet money that you hate BAD marketing, but that you love good marketing.

You wouldn’t be a business owner if you didn’t believe that your offering was wanted, or even needed, by your Dream Customers. You got into this business because you believed in it. You believed people would purchase from you.

Well, good marketing is just sharing that belief.

Good marketing is being generous enough to take the time to show your Dream Customers how your offering makes their life better.

We all hate BAD marketing. Let’s not do that.


If it’s so good why doesn’t it cost more?

Oh. That’s a good question. We’re charging the same as what a lot of shorter trainings cost, and they don’t even include the option for personalised feedback.

I don’t know, wait there… we’ll try to figure this out.

Nope. We’re not sure. Because we’ve put a TONNE of work into this, and we know it works! Have you had a look at the testimonials and results on this page?

Right. Well, we’ll quite possibly charge more for this in future then.

Get in on the fun

You’ll get the main teaching points via email so you can fit them in as suits your schedule. There’s also live training in the Facebook Group where we give as much personal feedback as we can. You’ll be able to learn from examples and improve your content as the month rolls along.

Plus, the Facebook Group is just a really fun place to be.

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You missed all the fun 🙁 sign up is now closed.

But hey, join our email list to be the first to know what we’re up to in future.

P.S. We are not in any way sponsored by, or endorsed officially by Facebook. Basically we have no association with Facebook whatsover, other than we help our clients make their Facebook Pages better. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. We are Frank and Marci.