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Because there’s no use running your dream business unless you’re having fun, right?

Who are we?

We’re Frank and Marci, a married couple who years ago got frustrated with “living to work” and decided there had to be a better way.

So we joined forces and started building a career we love.

What we do in as few words as possible:

We help you attract your Dream Customers online.

In more words:

We help you with copywriting, digital marketing strategy, messaging and brand voice development, online sales funnels, email marketing, content creation, website design (the list goes on and on)…

We help you access the know-how and motivation you need to get your act together and start getting your dream business in front of your Dream Customers already! They’re waiting for you!

Since starting our own business, every day has felt like we’re holding hands as we skip through a sunny field strewn with colorful wildflowers.

OK, that’s not true.

We know this isn’t always easy

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been running your own business for 10 years or 10 days, you know that the freedom you earn when you name yourself “boss of everything” comes at a price…

Every day a million business-related questions will be zipping through your head that can mostly be summed up in this Mama of all questions:

Is my business going to be the greatest thing I’ve ever done, or have I made a huge, financially devastating mistake?

That’s the question we were asking ourselves every day the first couple of years.

But this doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Then we did something revolutionary. Actually, it wasn’t revolutionary at all. We did something we had stupidly neglected to do earlier…

We took ourselves through the same marketing workshops we take our clients through.

And then we started attracting our Dream Customers, our business started growing, and we got to be choosy about the jobs we took on.

Do you know how good that feels? To finally be able to say “yes!” to the jobs you’re really excited about and “no thanks” to the ones you’d otherwise feel forced to take for the paycheck?

It feels like magic! Except it wasn’t magic—it was the same process we’d taken our clients through and seen work for them over and over. (Please don’t judge us because it took us so long to do the same for our business.)

That’s what we’re here for

As small business owners ourselves, we get what you’re going through. And that’s why we want you to sign up to our newsletter.

We get that sometimes you need an encouraging (metaphorical) finger pointing ahead toward the great unexplored yonder to indicate “this is the right direction, you should be going this way”.

Sometimes you need a gentle (metaphorical) shove to say “You haven’t clarified this about your business yet? What are you waiting for?”

Then sometimes you need a quick and simple tip about how you can smooth out your Dream Customer’s path to purchase and get them one step (hop? leap? somersault?) closer to buying from you.

And sometimes, you just need to talk about your favourite food and TV shows. We’re here for that too.

Let’s find your Dream Customers

We promise to show up regularly and to share what we know works for growing a loyal audience of Dream Customers.

Can you promise to occasionally write us back (we love it when you write us back) to let us know how you’re getting on?

Not so big of a commitment when you consider every email from us will get you closer to turning your business into the success you always dreamed it would be.

One more thing…

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Actually, Marci doesn’t believe that. She believes everything is better when dogs are involved. But dogs don’t read emails.

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