Does your copy sound like a robot wrote it?

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The people you see above are not robots.

They’re examples of real life humans who make a living attracting their dream customers with the words they write.

We know, because we are them.

We’re Frank and Marci, and we’re all about helping you create content that speaks directly to your dream customers and attracts them to your business.

You’ve probably noticed—most of the social media updates, blog posts, and newsletters coming from brands sound like a robot wrote them.

Maybe that’s jaded you when it comes to writing your own content for your brand—you’re afraid of boring your readers as much as other brands bore you.

But what if you were to do it differently?

Our FREE guide will give you 3 writing tips to create marketing content people will actually want to read and take action on.

What most brands don’t know (and what you’re about to find out) is that it only takes a few tweaks to make your readers (AKA potential customers) much more interested in what you have to say.

This guide will help you:

  • write content that resonates with your dream customer
  • follow an outline so you’re never starting from scratch
  • ditch the dull, robot language from your content
  • make it more likely that your dream customer will take the next step toward purchasing from you

We bet tip number 2 explains a mistake you’ve made recently (we used to make it regularly).

Get the guide and find out:

Get your free PDF copy of 3 writing tips to attract more business with your marketing content

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