How to grow engagement on social media with purpose and authenticity

Social media gives you an incredible opportunity to reach new clients… if you show up authentically, create content consistently, and get engagement from those potential clients.

We’ll explain how.

Just some of the things we’ll cover…

  • Where to look to get content ideas that are completely unique from anything anyone else is creating.
  • Why “being consistent” means more than just posting regularly.
  • What we post (and our clients post) that practically guarantees engagement rates will shoot up.
  • The tools you need to avoid the “blank canvas effect” when starting a new post.
  • The huge mistake most brands make when developing content—that’s murder for engagement.

Ready to rise above the blah?

If you like all that, there is a way to get our 1:1 support as you develop your personal brand.

It’s our 3-month program, Personal Brand Launchpad: Rise Above the Blah.

It’s perfect for service-based coaches at the point in their careers where they have a defined offering and they’re attracting a few clients here and there, but they’re nowhere near meeting (or exceeding) their business expectations.

Personal Brand Launchpad gives you:

  • An entire brand story that invites clients in and communicates your value and purpose.
  • Foundational core messaging that’s consistent and applicable to all of your marketing.
  • A PDF guide that clearly outlines your dream client, brand voice, and core messaging.
  • A wireframe (that we write!) of a client-converting landing page for your main offering.
  • A content strategy that works for you to build your authority, your community, and your client list.

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