How to grow engagement on social media with purpose and authenticity

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“So useful and so many great tips that can be put into action straight away.”

Charlotte Flynn Coaching

Bet that when you started your business you didn’t think you’d have to become a “content creator” as well…

But social media gives you an incredible opportunity to reach new clients… if you show up authentically, create content consistently, and get engagement from those potential clients.

How do you grow engagement on social media?

We tell you exactly how in our talk “How to Grow Engagement on Social Media with Purpose and Authenticity”.
Frank and Marci

This is perfect for you if you run your own business and you’re just looking at becoming a content creator. Or you’re already posting on social media but without a clear plan.

We based the tips in this talk on a challenge we ran in February. And the results people got were impressive…

Actual results from implementing these tips

🔥 198% increase in engagement
🚀 203% increase in engagement
😮 One person had a 684% increase in engagement

So we’re confident about the results you can get when you implement our tips.

“I feel like I have a roadmap.”

We gave this same talk recently to a group of coaching students. Afterwards one person told us that they just didn’t know where to start with social media, but now they feel like they have a roadmap.

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A little about us

We’re Frank and Marci, a brand strategist and brand storyteller, a married couple, and an award-winning digital marketing team. We help solopreneurs rise above the blah and develop unforgettable personal brands by creating human-sounding content that grows connection and community.