LinkedIn Personal Brand Firestarter

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn even if you’re not a writer and you don’t have a big network.

For service-based solopreneurs who feel a bit stuck.

You’ll go from struggling to create content and stressing about posting, to finding inspiration everywhere and posting with ease

You’re good at what you do

You’ve got a pretty solid business coz your clients tell their friends and colleagues how good you are.

But you want to grow.

And you know that to grow, you need to be more widely known. You need to spread the word about how good you are beyond your immediate circle.

So that at the right time… you’re the one people think of.

Problem is… you’re a bit stuck

You have a LinkedIn profile, and you see other people building a name for themselves.

Those people are getting loads of engagement, and talking about all the leads they get on LinkedIn.

Maybe you haven’t plucked up the courage to do more than share other people’s content. Or maybe you’ve been posting for a while now, but it’s only ever your favourite client Gemma and your cousin Rob who like your posts.

The voices in your head are fighting

The little angel on your right shoulder whispers in your ear “if they can do it, you can do it” but the little devil on your left shoulder says “that’s for other people, internet gurus, celebrities!”

You want to believe you can do it, but you’re not sure what to do next, you feel like you’re fumbling around in a darkened room, looking for the light switch.

You’ve tried everything

You’ve read blog posts, attended free webinars, maybe even done a few courses – but you just can’t seem to get any traction on LinkedIn.

You feel like you’ve tried everything, but you know that can’t be right, or you’d have cracked it by now.

But you’ve gone as far as you can without support and mentorship.

You’re ready to work with me.

Let’s create content that grows your personal brand and supports your business.

🔥 Let’s get a fire started 🔥

Flames of a fire

LinkedIn Personal Brand Firestarter

The non-yucky growth method for service-based solopreneurs ready to set a fire under their personal brand on LinkedIn.

One-to-one. 6 weeks. 6 calls. 45mins each. PLUS content feedback between calls.

Get a roadmap for creating content that feels authentic, natural and 100% you (aka non-yucky). Be guided through a step-by-step process that ensures you’re never too far out of your comfort zone as you…

  • Get set up for success – plan a content strategy tailored to your specific business goals.
  • Know your audience – speak directly to the people who need your services so you can guide them through the customer journey.
  • Balance value and entertainment – weave enjoyable stories into your business posts to bring a light-hearted balance to your content.
  • Bring yourself fully to your content – show up authentically and build trust with your presence.
  • Lead the way – make sure your followers know what the next steps are to engage your services.
  • Fill in the gaps – assess what’s working – and what’s not – so you know how to adjust accordingly.
Woman, sitting at her desk, with her head on her laptop keyboard.

There’s no need for LinkedIn to turn into your second job

You know you’re ready for the Firestarter when…

  • You know it must be possible to get leads from LinkedIn but right now it just feels like a chore with no upside.
  • You know you need to post, but you can’t afford for it to take over your whole week!
  • You’re worried that you’re wasting time and none of what you’re doing is working.
  • You don’t know how to juggle the social media stuff with the actual work.
  • You’re constantly second guessing yourself.
  • You don’t know how to confidently move forward.

Basically, you’re just done with watching from the sidelines. You want to be one of those personal brands churning up enviable levels of enthusiasm for your posts. You want LinkedIn to be worth your time.

Let’s get that fire started!

Two happy people looking at a whiteboard with positive results charted on it

You’ll feel certain about your approach because it’ll be supported by analysis that proves it works

The progress you make will be clear because you’ll track important metrics including…

  • How many times a week are you posting on LinkedIn?
  • By what percentage has your engagement rate increased?
  • By what percentage has your connection count increased?
  • What’s your average view count and how has that increased?
  • Have any client opportunities come through?

Because it’s not just about building your confidence as a content creator. It’s also about tracking your progress. You’ll see the payoff of your efforts in front of you.​​​​​​​

6 weeks of 1:1 mentorship

That’s all it takes to transform content creation from a pointless additional task you feel obligated to do into a strategy that grows your business.

Here’s how that happens…

  1. Hop on a 15 minute call with me where we make sure this is the right thing for you – if it is, we can set a start date
  2. We’ll meet over Zoom once a week for 45 minutes for no-nonsense content coaching and to clarify what your next steps should be.
  3. In between calls, you’ll complete thought-provoking tasks, always with the outcome of establishing your personal brand, generating relevant content, and growing your engagement on LinkedIn.
  4. Throughout the 6 weeks, I’m always just an email away when you need questions answered.
  5. You also have the option of crafting your content in Google Drive where I can hop in with feedback and suggestions before you publish on LinkedIn.
  6. At the end of the six weeks, we’ll look at your metrics to assess how you’ve improved and how to keep improving.
Frank Prendergast and his moustache

Wait a sec, have we met?

If not, we should.

Quickly about me:

  • I’ve 20+ years’ experience helping businesses with their online presence.
  • I’m the owner of the most-talked-about moustache in the personal branding world.
  • I’m one half of the award-winning digital marketing team Frank and Marci.

I’m proof that you don’t have to be super polished (or even clean-shaven) to have a personal brand that grabs people’s attention and gets them talking.

You just have to be you – which is harder than it sounds in the online space.

A few years ago, I started worrying about the insanely high number of solopreneurs who are great at what they do, but they drop the ball when it comes to representing their personal brands online. It creates a huge missed opportunity for business growth.

So I got to work, helping personal brands rise above the blah to show the world how brilliant they are.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people get excited about creating content… and seen the payoff for their personal brand.

Do I have to already be active on LinkedIn for the Firestarter?

And other clever questions you need answers to

​​​Do I have to already be active on LinkedIn for the Firestarter?

Nope. I can coach you from wherever you are – whether you publish the occasional post or you haven’t logged in to your profile in over a year.

But it’s important you already have your LinkedIn profile set up. If you’ve yet to create an account, add a headshot, write your headline, and so on, get on that before getting in touch.

Does my business need to be at least a year old before I do the Firestarter?

The length of time you’ve been in business doesn’t matter.

As long as your offer has achieved ‘product market fit’ – as in people have paid you for your offer, even if it’s only been a few times – you’re eligible for the Firestarter.

I’m not sure I’m a personal brand. Does that disqualify me?

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a personal brand, but If you’re a service-based solopreneur, then you are one.

The types of people who often fall into this category are coaches, consultants, therapists, online course creators, marketers, and freelancers.

Not sure that’s you? Send me a quick email and I’ll help you figure it out.

I hate writing. You really think you can turn me into a content creator?

You don’t have to be a good writer to craft great content.

That’s what the Firestarter is about – turning you into an excellent content creator. You may not even publish text-based posts at all. Maybe video is more your thing.

But even though it’s not an objective of the Firestarter, don’t be surprised if your writing gets better along the way.

What happens if I do the Firestarter and my engagement rate on LinkedIn doesn’t improve?

If you commit yourself to going all in and showing up week after week to do the work, and you do it thoroughly and as outlined, it’s unlikely your engagement rate won’t rise.

But if you do the work exactly as outlined and don’t experience an increase in your LinkedIn engagement rate from the start to the end of the Firestarter, you’ll get weekly 30-min calls with me (at no extra cost) until you do. So it’s a Risk-Free Commitment.

I only have 53 LinkedIn connections. Will the Firestarter work for me?

After being on LinkedIn for the better part of a decade, my wife, Marci, only had about 40 connections up until a couple of years ago. Now she’s well over 2,000 and rising all the time. She does the work. She makes it happen.

I have zero content ideas. I’m convinced there’s nothing I could post on LinkedIn that would be interesting to anyone else. Would the Firestarter be a waste of my time?

It sounds like there couldn’t be a better time for you to start a fire.

You’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to create content once you turn on that part of your brain that knows a good idea when it sees it.

Get 1:1 support and light a fire under your personal brand on LinkedIn

Get your content strategy blazing with a personal brand specialist to guide you every step of the way.

  • 6 weeks of 1:1 content coaching
  • A LinkedIn strategy that works for you and supports your business goals
  • Email support throughout the entire 6 weeks
  • Editorial support before your content goes live
  • Guaranteed increase in your engagement rate or free weekly calls with me until it happens
  • €1294 €847 – 35% less when you book and start your Firestarter by 31 May 2022