To the small-biz owner trapped in the classic conundrum:

‘When I talk to people I can sell my offer. But my website visitors? They never seem to buy.’

If until now you thought turning your site into a sales machine was beyond a small-biz budget, then Fast-Action Sales Page Copy is just for you.

Get conversion-Focused copy to drive sales from your website. Delivered fast.

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Your site has an offer page – that’s a start. But face it. It has no pulse.

You’ve poured hours into tweaks and overhauls. Splurged on redesigns. And chased the promise of templates that swore to skyrocket your sales. Perhaps you even turned to ChatGPT, hoping for a silver bullet.

Yet here you are: all that time, money and hope invested. With nothing to show for it.

For small business owners, these aren’t just setbacks. They’re costly dead ends on a road where every second and cent count.

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But what if your website, instead of just sitting there, started working as hard as you do?

It could. If you had a page carefully constructed. With all the critical elements of conversion in place.

This isn’t just any page. It’s a sales page…. The underused secret weapon in the world of online sales.

Your sales page should:

  • Grab your prospect’s attention.
  • Guide them through why your offer is exactly what they’ve been looking for.
  • And get them so excited that hitting the ‘buy’ button feels like the most natural thing in the world.
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REALITY CHECK: Let’s take a moment to consider the time and cost of the conventional sales page project

Because getting one usually means working with top-notch marketing experts.

That’s great if you’ve got the resources to wait for their schedule to clear before they can deep dive into research and discovery, and then not just write your copy, but also test and optimize it… over months.

The result?

A killer page that converts like crazy.

The cost?

Months you don’t have and 5-20K you’d rather not spend right now.

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That’s why you need a cost-effective shortcut, designed just for you: the small-business owner

What if you could harness the expertise of those same top-skilled marketers for a fraction of the time and cost?

No more endless waiting or budget-busting bills. Instead you get the VIP treatment: your very own persuasive copy crafted by conversion experts. Ready in just 24 hours.

Imagine the edge it would give your business. Not months down the line, but right now.

We’re thrilled to bring you:

Fast-Action Sales Page Copy

Your cost-efficient shortcut to brand new copy for a conversion-driven sales page. Delivered fast.

  • Forget the big-project budget.
  • Forget the headache of DIY’ing your copy.
  • Skip our weeks-long waitlist.
  • Get on our calendar immediately.
  • Get the VIP treatment.
  • Get your sales page copy done. Now.

When you book Fast-Action Sales Page Copy, you get instant access to our conversion expertise

After meeting with you, we spend an entire day focused on formulating your new sales page copy. Your final copy will be anywhere from 1000-5000 words long (depending on the complexity of your offer).

When the day is over, you’ll receive a document containing your sales page copy, ready to hand over to a designer and implement on your website.

Here’s how Fast-Action Sales Page Copy works

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Book your 1-hour kick-off call

The first step is to secure your slot by booking your kick-off call. During this hour, we’ll chat through all the necessary details and gather all the assets needed to make your new sales page copy as strong as can be.

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We devote an entire day to your sales page

The day after your kick-off call, we stay busy crafting your new sales page copy. Your work is done at this point. We’ll get in touch if a question comes up. Otherwise, you can get on with your own plans knowing we’re putting our expertise to work for you.

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Hop on a wrap-up call

The next day, we’ll have a 30-minute chat to deliver your new copy in document-form, ready to hand over to your developer for implementation. We’ll talk you through your brand new sales tool and answer any questions you have. You get to celebrate having a major business-building task crossed off your to-do list.

Meet your Fast-Action Sales Page Copy partners

We’re Frank and Marci. An award-winning digital marketing team with over 30 years’ experience between us. Frank, the brand and marketing strategist, and Marci, the conversion copywriter, have worked with SMEs across a diverse variety of industries, spanning areas as distinct from menopause to kids’ apps. And while we’re all for taking on big research-backed projects for larger companies, what we’ve recognized is that it’s overkill for most small-biz owners and solopreneurs. What you need is a drastic sales page upgrade, delivered fast. And that’s why we’ve created Fast-Action Sales Page Copy just for you.

Frank and Marci
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Stop losing visitors that would make perfect purchasers

Get your conversion-driven sales page copy done. Fast.

Fast-Action Sales Page Copy is perfect for you if…

  • You have an offer that your market wants (even if they’ve only bought after 1:1 sales chats)
  • You’re getting site visitors but not sales
  • You want to make strides in your business without a serious time or budget outlay
  • You have your offer details on your site but they’re not convincing anyone to buy
  • You prefer working with experts because you know there’s a limit to how far the DIY approach will get you

Fast-Action Sales Page Copy is not right for you if…

  • You have no website or landing page for your offer
  • You’re testing a new offer that you’ve never sold before
  • You don’t value expert-level skills
  • You’re just trying to get ‘something off your plate’ you feel you could do yourself if only you had the time

Yes, you get conversion-driven sales page copy in 24 hours

…and other answers to important questions

How fast is Fast-Action Sales Page Copy?

Let’s say you book your Kick-Off call on a Tuesday afternoon. We would spend all of Wednesday 100% focused on your sales page copy. Which means – depending on your availability for a Wrap-Up call –  your new sales page copy would be with you by Thursday. 

Are copy revisions included?

Copy revisions are not included in Fast-Action Sales Page Copy. With this service we’re like the Usain Bolt of the copywriting world, sprinting to get your sales page copy to the finish line in record time. This means we don’t include traditional back-and-forth revisions in this lightning-fast service. Why? Because we’re focused on delivering copy that’s not just quick but also primed and ready to convert, based on deep insights and proven practices.

But if the tides turn – say, a last-minute pivot in your business or a sudden evolution of your offer – and you find yourself needing updates to your sales page copy, we’ve got a lifeline for you. For €497 + VAT, you can book a revision session where we dive back in to refine and adjust your copy to align with your new direction. This way, your sales page remains as dynamic and responsive as your business.

What if I’m not happy with my final sales page copy?

We get it. You want copy that feels right to you. But here’s the thing – and it’s a biggie – your reaction to the copy isn’t the ultimate test of its effectiveness. Shocking, right? But stick with us…

In the world of conversion copywriting, we’re not aiming for copy that just sounds nice or ticks off all your personal preference boxes. Nope. We’re hunting down copy that acts like a magnet for your ideal customers. The kind of copy that grabs them by the neurons and says, ‘This is what you’ve been searching for.’

We dive into the psychology of your target market to formulate copy based on the golden combo of proven persuasion principles and conversion copywriting best practices. All to make your offer irresistible to your prospects. Now isn’t that something to be happy about?

Can you implement the copy on my website as well?

Absolutely. You want that sleek, persuasive copy live and working its magic, stat. We can take the wheel and handle the implementation for you. (Did we mention Frank’s 20+ years’ experience as a web designer?) 

What you want is the ‘Copy + Implementation’ option (outlined in the table below). 

Now, because we’re diving into a different arena here, moving from formulating copy to technical/design know-how, it does mean more time, more expertise, and yes, a bit more investment. But think of it as the deluxe package: not only do you get high-converting copy, but you also get it live on your site with very little effort on your part.

What if you don’t finish my sales page copy on the day I’ve booked for it?

Fast-Action Sales Page Copy is designed to be just that – fast. We aim to have your sales page copy polished, persuasive and in your inbox within a day. Because we know speed is of the essence in your world.

But say the bizarre does happen. Maybe it’s a freak storm that knocks out electricity, or the internet randomly decides to take a day off. Here’s our promise to you: we won’t leave you hanging.

Consider this our no-risk guarantee. In the rare event we hit a snag that’s beyond anyone’s control, you have our word we’ll prioritize your copy and continue to work tirelessly until it’s complete. No extra cost to you.

Can I get a refund if I’ve booked Fast-Action Sales Page Copy but I need to cancel?

Given the nature of this lightning-fast service and its unbeatable price point, our policy is pretty straightforward: bookings for the Fast-Action Sales Page Copy are final. It’s how we ensure every customer gets the full-on dedication and resources promised, without the risk of last-minute changes throwing a wrench in the works.

If an unforeseeable situation arises, please reach out. While we can’t promise a refund, we’re committed to working with you to find the fairest solution possible. Think of it as our commitment to fairness and respect for both our time and yours.

It’s been really helpful having an expert outside eye to help us interrogate what is important in terms of messaging.

Lynn Canham

Graffiti Theatre Company

The world of digital marketing is daunting but we know we have found the perfect fit for us in Frank and Marci.

Fiona Kelleher


An absolute pleasure and joy to work with. The new messaging has already resulted in several discovery calls.

Catherine O'Keeffe

Wellness Warrior

You’re now a click away from sales page copy that works tirelessly to convert visitors into purchasers

Why Choose Fast-Action Sales Page Copy? Because…

  • Time is Money: Every day without optimal sales is a lost opportunity. With this service you’re setting the stage to make more money, faster.
  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Get a top-tier marketing team in your corner, ready to distil 30 years of experience into a single, powerful page that sells.
  • No More Guesswork: The endless cycle of tweaking and finger-crossing can end. Get sales copy that’s not just words on a page but a strategic, conversion-driven asset.

Fast-Action Sales Page Copy

Perfect for you if:
You just need the words that sell. You plan to collaborate with designers to bring your sales page to life.

  • Sales Page Copy
  • 24hr turnaround

€1397 (incl. VAT)

Copy + Wireframe

Perfect for you if:
You have a web developer to implement your page but need a conversion-focused blueprint they can follow.

  • Sales Page Copy
  • Wireframe
  • 48hr turnaround

€2797 (incl. VAT)

Copy + Implementation

Perfect for you if:
You want a turnkey solution that covers everything from strategic sales page copy to live implementation.

  • Sales Page Copy
  • Wireframe
  • Page implemented on website
  • 1 week turnaround

€4297 (incl. VAT)

“Immediately improved the quality of enquiries”

Proud to get radiant reviews from clients, no matter what project we’re helping them with

Frank and Marci completely reconfigured our approach to marketing – using a highly focused and disciplined process to bring greater understanding of the work we do to our key target client communities through more effective messaging and a new website which immediately improved the quality of enquiries coming in.

Tim Roche

Formium Consulting

Frank and Marci always challenge us to dig deep and explore our communications and their input is always considered, thoughtful and effective. We love working with them, they somehow manage to make digital marketing fun! They have a warm, friendly, personal approach and it has really helped us to connect with our online community the same way we do with our customers and community in person down here in Bantry.

Hannah & Rachel Dare


Our work with Frank and Marci is on a much deeper level of engagement than I had expected, which is brilliant. We are being provided with mentorship in clarifying and delivering our message and it’s been really helpful having an expert outside eye to help us interrogate what is important in terms of messaging and the expertise to help us filter our message through the lens of our dream customer.

Lynn Canham

Graffiti Theatre Company

Every year they support me in expanding my business and looking for authentic ways to support my passion for my work. Thanks to their out-of-the-box thinking, it has allowed me to expand into new areas that I had not explored before – an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. What I really love is their ethical approach to business and how they support you to nourish your brand and passion in a very calm way.

Catherine O'Keeffe

Wellness Warrior