Nurture new leads, even while you sleep

With an always-on evergreen content campaign that systematically works in the background. So you’re always raising brand awareness and generating leads. No matter what you’re actually doing.

Frank and Marci
Our marketing has helped grow forward-thinking businesses like yours:
Future Forests
Wellness Warrior
Rhoda Cocoa
Organico Health Food Shop

You’re painstakingly growing through word-of-mouth, but your marketing hasn’t exploded into the growth opportunity you expected

Maybe you’re on social media or you’ve tried Google ads, but the results were frustrating. You’re reluctant to waste your precious budget on even more ineffective marketing. Or spend sleepless nights worrying about your business, when you could be nurturing leads while you sleep…

Frustrated woman working on her laptop
Data showing online revenue growing significantly once marketing started

What if you could automatically show the right people, the right content, at the right time? All the time.

Just like our client who had low sales. Until we created content that propelled her prospects through the journey to become customers. That red arrow in the graph? That’s where our content-based ad campaign came into play. Her sales shot up over Christmas and stayed healthy, even through the typically dry post-holiday months.

What if we applied the same strategic content-based campaign to your business…

You could be reaping the results of pairing research-backed content with a strategic ad campaign

It’s a process proven to take prospects on the intentional journey they need to go on. Instead of leapfrogging them to an inappropriate ‘BUY NOW!’ stage, which is what most brands attempt to do. And why most marketing gets poor results.

You’ll find few marketers put the time and care into developing the 3 fundamental elements of a winning campaign:

Woman interviewing a man

In-depth Research

Your marketing is only as good as your research. That’s why we take a month to interview you. To interview your customers. To even interview non-buyers. So we understand why your prospects buy, and why they don’t. Most content misses its target because it skips this critical stage.

Woman enjoying reading on her phone

Compelling Content

Then we create human-driven, research-backed content that enters the conversation already taking place in your prospect’s head. That’s how it leads your prospect from one Stage of Awareness to the next, instead of catapulting them to the final stage before they’re ready. (Which is where most content gets it wrong).

Crowd of people reading on their phones

Strategic Ad Campaign

We dispense your research-backed content through a Meta ad campaign. Ensuring it gets exposure out beyond your existing audience. It also mirrors your prospect’s journey through the Stages of Awareness. And runs constantly in the background, giving you a systematic lead generation system that works away, even as you sleep.

We don’t fool with guesswork, because guessing is the downfall of good marketing

That’s why your new strategy starts with in-depth research. So we can make informed decisions about what needs to go in your content. Then promote it through a multi-level Meta ad campaign that builds your audience, retargets them, and invites them to your main Call to Action. Right at the critical moment when they’re most primed and prepped.

Diagram showing different pieces of content moving along the buyer's stages of awareness, and falling into categories of attract, nurture, and call to action.

Sounds like a lot of work, you say? It is. But we do most of it for you. Leaving you to get on with the actual work of running your business.

The deal with Meta ads? They can cost you money… or grow your business

These are actual screenshots of client results.

Screenshot showing a 5.96% click-through rate

“Immediately improved the quality of enquiries”

Proud to get radiant reviews from clients, no matter what project we’re helping them with

Frank and Marci completely reconfigured our approach to marketing – using a highly focused and disciplined process to bring greater understanding of the work we do to our key target client communities through more effective messaging and a new website which immediately improved the quality of enquiries coming in.

Tim Roche

Formium Consulting

Frank and Marci always challenge us to dig deep and explore our communications and their input is always considered, thoughtful and effective. We love working with them, they somehow manage to make digital marketing fun! They have a warm, friendly, personal approach and it has really helped us to connect with our online community the same way we do with our customers and community in person down here in Bantry.

Hannah & Rachel Dare


Our work with Frank and Marci is on a much deeper level of engagement than I had expected, which is brilliant. We are being provided with mentorship in clarifying and delivering our message and it’s been really helpful having an expert outside eye to help us interrogate what is important in terms of messaging and the expertise to help us filter our message through the lens of our dream customer.

Lynn Canham

Graffiti Theatre Company

Every year they support me in expanding my business and looking for authentic ways to support my passion for my work. Thanks to their out-of-the-box thinking, it has allowed me to expand into new areas that I had not explored before – an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. What I really love is their ethical approach to business and how they support you to nourish your brand and passion in a very calm way.

Catherine O'Keeffe

Wellness Warrior

Frank and Marci

Results-driven marketing doesn’t happen by chance

We’re Frank and Marci. A husband-and-wife digital marketing team. Our work has won awards, for ourselves and our clients. But more important, it’s helped brands struggling online to Rise Above The Blah.

We work with you to define and achieve your goals. And to become known, respected and loved. Not easy in the chaos of today’s online world. Certainly doesn’t happen by chance. But totally within your capability. And exactly what you deserve.

Stop wasting your marketing budget so you can start maximizing its impact

You can set up a call and we’ll point you to the package that best suits you. But here’s the rundown for getting a strategic content campaign that nurtures leads 24/7:

Content Kickstarter

For small businesses that want to make their first meaningful mark
  • In-depth marketing research
  • Three research-based content pieces
  • Meta Ads campaign set up and implementation
  • Strategic content campaign that nurtures leads 24/7
  • 3 month project

From €7.5k + VAT
Plus adspend

Content Catalyst

For growing businesses that want to accelerate their reach
  • In-depth marketing research
  • Six research-based content pieces
  • Meta Ads campaign set up and implementation
  • Strategic content campaign that nurtures leads 24/7
  • 4 month project

From €10k + VAT
Plus adspend

Content Conquest

For established businesses that want to dominate their market

  • In-depth marketing research
  • Nine research-based content pieces
  • Meta Ads campaign set up and implementation
  • Strategic content campaign that nurtures leads 24/7
  • 6 month project

From €12k + VAT 
Plus adspend

So you get an ongoing lead nurturing system, but you also get quite a few not-so-obvious benefits

Content from a highly qualified writer

Written by Marci, an experienced conversion copywriter with training in buyer psychology and ethical persuasion techniques

An ad campaign set up for longevity

That continues running, long after the project’s over, putting your lead nurturing system on autopilot

The type of content Google prioritises

Which is highly relevant and useful, favoured by recent Google upgrades much more than keyword-laden content

Authority-building Content

To live permanently on your site, establishing your expertise and promoting trust in you as an authority

Bigger Brand Benefits

The overall goal to nurture new leads will have knock-on effects of boosting brand awareness and crystalising brand positioning

Competitive Customer Insights

You can stop guessing what prospects need (or don’t need) to hear, and gain the competitive-edge of knowing

Here’s the thing: you can’t afford to wait any longer

Without a proven system in place, you risk losing more than just your marketing budget. You risk losing potential leads, profits and the chance to make your business stand out in a sea of sameness.

We get it. It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to marketing. That’s why we want to make it crystal clear that our results-driven system is based on in-depth research and designed to speak directly to your target audience. Our content-based campaigns are proven to attract and nurture leads, even while you sleep.

Imagine waking up each day feeling excited about what the future holds, knowing your business is on the path to success

Don’t wait another moment to make this investment in yourself and your business. The longer you wait, the more potential leads you’re losing out on. But you have the power to change your future and to Rise Above The Blah.

Get in touch with us now, and we’ll chat about a tailored strategy that lets you nurture leads while you sleep.

The world of digital marketing is daunting but we know we have found the perfect fit for us in Frank and Marci. We are delighted to be working with them as we introduce MyGug to the world.

Fiona Kelleher