I analyzed over 30 small biz landing pages. This is what most of them get wrong.

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Marci’s emails are too good to miss. Each has a quick but high-impact task to make the words on your website work harder.

Joanne Taylor

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Imagine what’s possible once you tap into techniques proven to promote conversions

If you’re frustrated with your landing page’s performance, it’s probably because you haven’t managed to…
question mark

Ask the right questions (and steer clear of the conversion-stopping ones)


Make your testimonials work harder for you


Strategically tap into the persuasive power of social proof


Enhance the value of your offer to your prospects

light bulb

Write headings that inform and influence

Mine your customer’s actual words for compelling messages


Avoid overwhelming your prospects

button press

Banish sluggish buttons that stall conversions

Just 8 research-backed emails later… and your landing page is way more persuasive for it

Because you’ll know how to make messaging decisions that promote the conversion. That’s knowledge you’d never get by following someone else’s template. Templates can only tell you “how”. But I’ll shed research-backed light on the “why”.

Marci has prompted me to think differently about how I write my content. Some of my content was quite banal, almost in an effort to ‘fit in’ whereas my work is about doing things differently and needed to reflect that. I have got much inspiration from the newsletters and look forward to opening them.

Claire Burrows

Now Baby

Upskill with the messaging strategist who’s written for top marketing publications

Digital Marketer
Grow (Mark Schaefer)
Marci Cornett

Marci Cornett – Messaging Strategist

Gone are the days when brand voice alone could convince your prospects to convert

I’m Marci, a messaging strategist, and everything changed for me when I upped my insight into buyer psychology and human decision-making.

Now I use that insight to formulate messaging that moves people. To click buttons. Become subscribers. Place orders.

If you had the same insight, what would you move people to do?

I always learn a ton and know exactly what I need to do next

Marci’s an expert in a type of writing I know little about, and her emails are well-researched, clear, and contain expertly selected examples – good and bad! 

One task was to replace any placeholder headings with headings that convert. Well, that didn’t mean much to me at first. But by the end of Marci’s email, I knew why headings were important for all types of decision makers, some less-than-ideal examples, and some great ones.

When Marci explained that “Hi, I’m Marci” as a heading tells your reader nothing compelling, I scuttled off, probably blushing, to improve the “Hi, I’m Joanne” heading on my own website!

Joanne Taylor

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You can keep making the same mistakes on your landing page as everyone else…

Or you can turn your landing page into the powerful persuasion tool it’s meant to be.

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Why wait to start getting the conversion results you want from your landing page?

There’s really no excuse to settle for disappointing results.

Not when you can smartly improve your landing page with proven persuasive techniques.

In a world of marketing ‘gurus’ Marci’s considered, insightful and immediately actionable guidance meant her message was read. Can’t say fairer than that.

Adrian Zacher

The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services

Well-written website content has a gravitational pull on your ideal customers. Marci’s email series will help you understand why some widely used tactics are ineffective and demonstrate simple ways to capture attention, keep it, and call to action.

Al Boyle

Freelance UX Copywriter & Marketer