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From Marveling to Mastering:
Making AI Your Marketing Ally

You already know AI can do amazing things.
But what can it do for you?

Running a small business is a massive job

It can feel like there are never enough hours in the day. Especially when it comes to marketing and constantly having to come up with new, engaging content.

On top of all that, you’re expected to keep up with all the latest technologies like artificial intelligence – it’s overwhelming.

But with the right guide, artificial intelligence can make your life easier, and simplify your digital marketing efforts.

That’s why you need Rise Above The Blah: AI Edition.

More than just a guide to AI

Designed specifically for small businesses like yours, it’s more than just a guide to AI. It’s your toolkit for applying AI in practical and creative ways so that it becomes faster and easier to make a bigger impact.

Subscribe to discover how AI can be a simple and manageable tool to help you get your message out into the world more effectively. Because we’ve all marvelled at the incredible things AI can do – now it’s time to figure out how to make AI work for you.

A guide to simplify your life

From identifying the right AI tools to understanding the latest AI trends in digital marketing, Rise Above The Blah: AI Edition will guide you toward the tools and processes you need to simplify your life.

The goal is not to turn you into an AI specialist. It’s to help you understand how AI can save you time, spark creativity, and make your marketing more effective.

It’s about giving you an edge in the digital world.

It’s about how to Rise Above The Blah.

Rise Above The Blah: AI Edition

A weekly email exploring creative and practical use of AI tools to give you an edge in your marketing.

Frank Prendergast

Frank Prendergast

I’m a marketer. One of the jobs most likely to be replaced by AI.

So why am I making myself redundant by encouraging you to use AI in your marketing?

Because AI is here. Disrupting everything. And moving fast.

Best thing I can do is learn everything about it, figure out how to use it to be more productive, more effective, more creative.

Find where the gaps are, where AI can’t yet replace me. And keep my eyes wide open for when AI might completely replace me, so I can pivot.

Along the way, I’m going to share everything I learn about using AI creatively in marketing, so you can rise above the blah. Click here to sign up.

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Rise Above The Blah: AI Edition

A weekly email exploring creative and practical use of AI tools to give you an edge in your marketing.

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